I've been a photographer my entire adult life.That's decades,now. I began photographing in college after one of my art professors suggested I might want to consider taking some photography classes due to my propensity for showing up for his drawing classes with photography magazines to read during our breaks. Maybe he just wanted me out of his class, but I took his recommendation at any rate and have pursued nothing but photography since. Photography led to my discovering my passion for the outdoors which led me to my concern for conservation and environmental issues. For these things I'm thankful. Also, it's just plain fun and visually inspiring to be out with cameras and to stay out for nights in a tent. Some of the best times for me. When these excursions lead to helping various outdoor and conservation causes, they are all the better. I have been fortunate to work with local Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy and Freshwater Land Trust groups. Other clients have included Nature's Best Photography Magazine, Alabama DCNR/Outdoor Alabama Magazine, DK/Smithsonian Handbooks, Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, Reader's Digest Books, New American Journal, Chanticleer Press, Southern Environmental Center, Legacy/Partners in Environmental Education , Balch and Bingham, LLC, Brookwood Medical Center/Tenet Health and others. Prints are held in private collections throughout the Southeast and stock is represented by Alamy.